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Two people out for a walk enjoying Loot Energy

Word on the Street

“Overall this beats every energy drink
out there to me."

Dr. Ramales - MI

Dr. Hope Ramales

Dr. Hope Ramales

“I was already impressed when I saw the label on Loot energy, noticing that there are primarily natural ingredients and lots of vitamins, but then when I tasted it, I knew this is what I wanted to drink any time I needed a pick me up. I love that there is no funky after taste because there aren’t any artificial sweeteners. It tastes as if you put fresh lemon and lime juice into a sparkling water, so it’s fresh and light. The caffeine boost is perfect because it’s not going to make you feel jittery since the caffeine comes from green tea, but you’re both more energized and focused. Overall this beats every energy drink out there to me. As a provider who is knowledgeable on nutrition, I rate this 5/5, every time. I look forward to when more flavors come out!”

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